"Sculptor Jody Cramer is refreshingly upbeat in another, more formal abstract manner, creating intricate chromatic interactions with assemblages that suggest a kind of 3-D pointillism. The optical effect of pieces such as Cramer's 'Tulip,' and 'Diamond' suggests Seurat's brilliant dots of color escaping the canvas and dancing joyfully in thin air."
- Gallery and Studio Magazine, October 2013

Most Recent Exhibition on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Artwork was displayed at Adieb Khadoure Fine Arts,
613 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Recently Exhibited at New Century Artists Gallery in Chelsea from October 8th - 27th, 2013
530 W. 25th Street, Suite 406, New York City, NY 10001

Pictured above: Spectral Cascade of Iridescent Light, Mystic Diamond, Center Pointe: The Colors of Black & White


Tune-Tone Exhibition
October 8th - 27th, 2013
New Century Artists Gallery
New York City

“Words, musical tone, and colors

possess the psychical power of calling forth our vibrations... ultimately bringing about the attainment of knowledge.”
Wassily Kandinsky

Artist Statement

“I strive to create art that is non-static with a multi-dimensional and shape-shifting quality. I want the viewer to participate in the metamorphosis and dynamic nature of my artwork. My goal is a visual alchemy that melds color, light, shadows, form, negative space and pattern into an energetic totality. The holographic medium adds some magic and mystery into the mix. As Larry Poons stated about his art it is ‘food for the retina, and optically alive.' For me it is like Shinobu Ishihara meets Ben-Day Dots with a nod to pointillism. I hope my artwork invites the viewer to pause, ponder from up close and from a distance, even observing from the sides, allowing each visitor to connect the dots…”
- Jody Cramer

Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots
Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots exhibited at
Jay Etkin Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots
Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots
Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots was among the artwork
exhibited at Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino during the World of Art Showcase

Center of a 9-Panel 2' x 2' Diamond Configuration - 8' 7" x 8' 7" Total Dimensions
3D Wood Relief / Acrylic & Holographic Mediums

Corner of the 9-Panel Diamond Configuration

Detail of Proprietary Holographic Medium

The dynamic nature of the artwork is best viewed in person, however this video helps capture the magical color-changing effect of the holographic medium and provides a sense of the three-dimensional quality of the work.

The Grand Rapids Press
http://photos.mlive.com/grandrapidspress/2012/09/artprize_2012_day_4_6.html - Grand Rapids Press - 9/23/12
"Tulip Mania Connecting the Dots" at DeVos Place Convention Center during ArtPrize 2012

http://photos.mlive.com/grandrapidspress/2012/09/artprize_2012_ten_images_from_69.html - Grand Rapids Press - 9/28/12
Jody Cramer discusses her Artwork with Visitors during ArtPrize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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